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Invent Consulting Limited brings a blend of industry expertise and technological innovation to address the unique challenges faced by the manufacturing sector. With a focus on data analytics, seamless data migration, custom software development, and strategic resource augmentation, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored for manufacturing success.

Production Department

  • Production Efficiency Report
  • Quality Control Performance Report
  • Resource Utilization Analysis
  • Work Order Fulfillment Dashboard
Supply Chain Department

  • Inventory Turnover Analysis
  • Supplier Performance Scorecard
  • Demand Forecasting Report
  • Lead Time Analysis
Sales and Marketing Department

  • Sales Performance Dashboard
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis
  • Product Sales Trend Analysis
  • Market Penetration Report
Finance Department

  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Analysis
  • Budget vs. Actual Expenditure Report
  • Profitability by Product Line
  • Cash Flow Forecast
Our Offer

What We Can Do Together

Data-Driven Operational Insights

Leverage advanced data analytics to gain actionable insights into your manufacturing operations. Our expertise in tools like Power BI and Tableau enables you to optimize processes, enhance production efficiency, and make informed decisions.

Efficient Data Migration

Ensure a smooth transition to advanced data ecosystems with our expert data migration services. Whether you're implementing new technologies or consolidating data sources, our team ensures minimal disruption to your manufacturing processes.

Strategic Resource Augmentation

Augment your manufacturing team with skilled professionals who bring industry-specific expertise. From project management to technical skills, our flexible workforce adapts to the dynamic demands of the manufacturing environment.

Custom Software Development

Embrace digital transformation with our tailored software solutions designed for the manufacturing sector. From supply chain management to quality control, our applications align with the specific needs of manufacturing operations.

Our Advantage

Why Choose Invent Consulting for Your Next Project?

Industry Insight

Our dedicated focus on the manufacturing sector ensures that our solutions align with the specific challenges and operational requirements of the industry, enabling you to enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

Proven Success

With a track record of successful projects in the manufacturing domain, Invent Consulting Limited brings a wealth of experience and expertise to help you overcome industry-specific challenges and achieve operational excellence.


Experience a partnership that extends beyond delivering solutions. At Invent Consulting Limited, we work closely with our clients, fostering a relationship built on trust, communication, and a shared commitment to manufacturing success.

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